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I love having the seeds available. They have gone into my prepping supplies. I haven’t attempted to grow them at this time because of the climate in my area. However, I consider them the greatest investment! I was buying packaged seeds at local stores, and they were very pricey and I had trouble finding heirloom (non-hybrid) seeds. Keep up the great work. I’m retired and pretty much doing all my prepping myself, and I’ve come to rely on your great products and information heavily. Thank you. - Lois H.
None of my seeds have been planted, they are here for a mass emergency or for when I get out of the city and set myself up with new country property. I have recommended them to my friends. I also sealed them in food storage vacuum bags for additional protection. Thanks - Terry O.
Due to the very uncommon weather in our area we were very late planting our seeds and only planted tomatoes, green peppers and watermelons. However, all things considered they did well. I would recommend this product and have seeds from these ready for next years crop. This is not possible with hybrid seeds. Thanks!! - Janan
Hi Frank, I purchased the seeds to have “In case of Emergency”. My husband did use some of them though and was pleased with the results. I was also pleased with price. We both need alot more hands on experience to be able to grow awesome tasting garden. Thank you for all your help you give us all. - Kristina M.
The seeds you sent to me were more than expected, The germination time was fast and the plants were sturdy. the tomatoes that we were blessed with were the best I have had in forty years, thank you. I have recomended your them to other gardeners in my area, and will continue to do so. Thank you - Richard F.
I’m quite happy with my purchase, and will recommend it to everyone. I like the fact that it is seeds from the old timers who saved them. The seeds you buy in the stores will not produce vegetables like they use too and they are usually are smaller in size and taste. I remember going into my moms and dads garden with a rag and salt and eating a tomato right off the vine .Oh they were so tasty ,my mouth is watering from remembering back when. the vintage seeds will give me a chance to work with my grandkids and teach them how to grow Vegetables. My oldest granddaughter I’m going to teach her how to can and process food in jars so she can carry on the tradition like my mom taught me. Good Luck everyone on your gardening. p.s. I was thinking about trying out Aquaponics and see if I can produce more vegetables, Wish me luck i’m going to use old seeds, not my vintage - Diana B.
I purchased 3 of the vaults just for an emergency readiness situation. I will however use one next season to start growing my own food. I also thought that if and when the SHTF they will be great bargaining power for acquiring other essentials that I may not have thought to store.

Thanks for all of your helpful hints on different survival techniques. May God bless you for all that you are doing for the people of this great country.

p.s. I have recommended them and your site to several people….

- Robert J.
I like the seeds very much. I am in the preparation of prepardness when times get tough so I am not using them now. The packaging was great and the price is right. Keep up the good work. - DAVID D.
Frank, I bought my seeds to save for the zombie apocalypse. I always have a productive garden, but don’t usually save my seeds, except for a very good tomato. I use hydroponics, aquaponics, container gardening and a small amount of conventional row gardening with perennial fruits and vegetables, even though I live on acreage. But alas, most of the available sunlight received on my property is in a floodplain. So I improvise greatly. Even my tiny greenhouse 6 x 10′ is on wheels, so I can move it up on the hillside with me when heavy rain is forecasted. The human ingenuity knows no bounds in America. Thanks for all my tips. - Phyllis A.
As concerns the seed packages I have the following comments that I can pass on:

I like the packaging in a sealed container because it would tend to keep seeds dry and safe from moisture and spoilage.

No, I have not used the seeds to plant anything this year as I have difficulty starting a garden.

I am keeping the seeds for an emergency. The plan is that I will hand one of the packages of seeds to a lady who is good at gardening, to start the seeds in a hotbed or something like that next spring. We will both be curious to see how they develop. We expect to have some idea as to the number of seeds that will grow as well as the amount of product and, above all, how the seeds will repond to a warm and humid climate.

I hope that will tell you something, at least for the time being, but that is all I can report for now.

- Erich B.
Quality and variety My daughter and I have grown every seed type Absolutely endorse. - MG Kelly
Frank, in response to your survey questions let me say that what I most like about the heirloom seeds is just that the seeds are heirloom seeds and have not been genetically modified in any way, thus the seeds should stay fresh for years to come especially if one will take your suggestion of freezing the seeds to aid in keeping the seeds fresh.

While I have not yet grown any of the varieties of vegetables I do look forward to growing this next season and I am confident that the seeds will produce healthy nutrient rich vegetables because the seeds are heirloom seeds. The only challenge I foresee for most is having good quality soil to grow in and of course there are many different ways of preparing soil to make soil a rich growing environment for superior quality seeds that do not require chemicals of any kind.

My thought as to recommending these seeds to anyone is a resounding YES! I strongly recommend that people get these seeds while they are able, because when (not if) the SHTF the opportunity to get seeds of this quality will be gone just like what is deemed to be civilization. As well you can bet your arse uncle blood sucker will see to no one having the ability to get their hands on seeds of this quality let alone allow people to grow their own food (that would be to much like right).

Get them while you can folks, seeds of this quality won’t be available to you, especially when the SHTF…………

- Micheal R.
I like the fact that your seeds are non-hybrid. This way we don’t have to be a slave to the monopolies like Monsanto. - David S.
What I like most is that they are packaged in a safe manner so that they can be used when a crisis arises. They are not subject to water or moisture damage, etc.

I have tried the tomatoes and they were wonderful this year. I will be purchasing more seeds soon. The flavor of the tomatoes was very good, too. Nice to know that I can prepare for emergencies. I do can and preserve, so these are excellent for that purpose.

I would definitely recommend this product and have done so already. It is due to the above two answers. Sometimes it is good to put aside seeds for an emergency when you might not be able to find them; these are packaged in a way that this can happen.

- Linda C.
I love my seeds….The tomatoes were yummy and I saved the seeds to grow them again next year. Thank you. - Barbara R.
I planted the heirloom tomato seeds, only half a pack, and had an abundance of fruit to use and share. The remainder I have saved until I can manage to expand my garden space. If the tomatoes are any indication of the remaining seeds, I will have a wonderful bounty of unadulterated food. Thank you. - SKH
I have enjoyed the whole experience….the vegetables, the making things safe, etc, etc. Everything has been easy to understand and pleasant to work with. I have given my friends many baskets of produce, and they all want to know how to get such lovely produce. I have told them about you, and I am sure that you are in contact with some of them now. Anyway, thanks for the ride and the continued good eats in my house!! - Lucile R.
Planted the tomatoes along with the pack from Wal-Mart. Your seeds came up a week faster. Yield was about the same. Did not count exact number per plant, but yield to table of your heirloom was greater since they were more resistant to the black mold the wet season this year’s plants were subject to. - Kevin S.
The seeds are what you promised them to be. The directions for planting, growing, and harvesting are good. I would recommend these seeds to anyone who wants to grow his/her own food that will yield good crops and seeds from those crops that will be fertile, allowing more plants. Thanks for the seeds and the tips. - William R.
I have not used any of the seeds yet. Bought them for SHTF scenario. Had to have heritage seeds so I could keep reproducing new seeds for subsequent crops. Can’t do it with GMO seeds from Monsanto. I have already recommended this to my friends for the same purpose. - Ron
I liked that the seeds were packaged well…… BUT the thing I liked MOST is that you were there for US providing the seeds.The product has not been opened yet. This is how I intended it. To be opened when time required it. An astounding YES. Peace of mind… knowing I am prepared if it needed. - Stanley M.
I like most that Liberty Seed Vault contains so many different seed varieties in a stable and easy-to-store package. I grow most of my vegetables hydroponically from either seedlings or the very small seed packs that I buy from garden supply stores. I am keeping the Liberty Seed Vault as part of my emergency/survival stores. - Eric R.
I bought three packages of the seeds and gave two away as gifts. My friends were elated to receive them. I had already planted for this season so plan to use them next spring. Am excited to see the results. - Rose
Hi Frank, I haven’t tried growing the seeds yet but I’m on the verge of starting some of the Kale seeds in small plastic containers using organic soil and hopefully getting them started in time to replant them in a vertical hydroponic garden. Sure appreciate your ALWAYS excellent information!! - Kay
I am very pleased with this product and will be ordering more kits in the near future. I feel relieved and free knowing I will be able to feed myself and family during ANY disaster. This coupled with the Aquaponic Gardening system which I also purchased will give me Total Freedom.

Thank you Frank for being there for all of us. God Speed and pray that that day will only come when He sets it all in motion.

- George D. - California
I got 3 of the canisters for later use as I own and live in a condo, therefore no garden plot. I got them to hold against the I believe coming collapse and see them as either barter or self use wherever I set down again after Getting out of Dodge as it were. Their best aspect is the sealing and that they are stable for the forseeable future. - James A.
These seeds have not been attacked by rodents in their secure tins(3 tins of them) They grow well near Vancouver Island. Canada. Once you harvest from a few of your best plants and the seeds are well dried, store the new seeds(I use used envelopes and tuck the old instructions from the original package in them) I have wrapped the black tape back around them for a totally renewable seed vault for next year. - Mary B.
I grew the tomato seeds after my wife couldn’t resist opening them, they grew well in this climate, and they are delicious, we have had 5 night that were below freezing and I still have tomatos growing on the vine, AMAZING! - Kenn A.
Hi Frank, I couldn’t stand it and had to open a container to see if they would grow. I raised all of my garden plants from these seeds and had great success. I am still picking kale that was planted in March, it just keeps coming on. This is good stuff, I’m satisfied, I know these seeds will produce. Thanks - Jerd
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