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YesI want to order the Liberty Seed Vault and protect my family’s food supply and end my dependence on the “Big Food” monopolies so I can feed my family no matter what happens. I understand that I'm getting a heck of a deal by ordering now, and that the $47 sale price with FREE shipping is only guaranteed if I order today.

I will get my Liberty Seed Vault in the mail, plus instant online access to my 4 FREE bonus reports so I can get started ASAP. I also know that I’m backed by your famous DOUBLE GUARANTEE! If I'm not satisfied for ANY reason, all I need to do is send the Seed Vault back and you will refund 100% of my purchase. And if I plant my seeds and it doesn't yield a bountiful garden of nutritious food, then I can send you photos of my garden and you will refund 300% of my purchase.

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Liberty Seed Vault

You'll get more than 5,340 survival seeds from 22 varieties of hardy & delicious heirloom plants passed down from our forefathers. They’ll arrive sealed in heavy-duty foil envelopes and packed in an airtight storage vault rated for 5+ years of storage.

Plus you'll get instant online access to your 4 FREE Bonus Reports!

BONUS #1: More Valuable Than Gold? Why You Need Survival Seeds: Once you finish reading this report, you will see why you should care more about seeds than gold. After all, in times of food crisis, you can’t eat gold!

BONUS #2: The Survival Guide To Canning And Preserving: Canning is a great way to ensure your family can enjoy your survival garden’s bounty during the winter. You’ll get our 36 page manual detailing how to can and store food along with over 30 canning recipes.

BONUS #3: Survival Garden Guide: We cover everything from outdoor gardens to indoor gardens, freezing and long-term storage. Learn how to turn your garden into an abundance of fresh and healthy food for your family’s future food supply when crisis and disaster strikes.

BONUS #4: Top 10 Items Sold Out After Crisis: This guide is a “must have.” You’ll not only learn the 10 items you absolutely need to hoard, but you will learn how to store them, get the most from their nutrition, as well as what foods not to stockpile and why.

Just fill in your information below to join thousands of other people who have decided to "opt out" of Big Food and government interference in the food supply! We’ll begin processing your order immediately and should receive your Liberty Seed Vault in the mail within a week to 10 days. And because you are ordering today, you’ll get FREE shipping and you will also receive FREE instant online access to your 4 bonus reports so you can get started right away. 

I can’t wait to hear your success stories!

Fran Bates

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