Get Your Rutgers Tomato Seeds Before They're Gone...

These aren't ordinary seeds... these are heirloom, non-genetically modified “super survival seeds” that are open-pollinated and can be grown, harvested, and replanted endlessly!

Get over 150 Rutgers Tomato Survival Seeds while supplies last! Here’s exactly what you’ll get:

  • 150+ survival seeds packed in a special triple-layered, re-sealable, re-usable Mylar packet designed to significantly increase the shelf life and viability of your heritage seeds.
  • The legendary Rutgers Tomato is an heirloom variety introduced in the 1930s and famous for its delicious taste, abundant nutrition and high germination rates.
  • 100% Non-GMO, open-pollinated seeds from proud American farmers that you can harvest and plant endlessly.
  • Shipped right to your door via USPS First Class Mail.
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